Stephanie Bennett can rightfully be called the world's cheapest girl. Having even been featured on TLC's "Extreme Cheapskates". Stephanie works as a nurse and makes a fair wage; her partner Patrick also brings in regular income to the household. Nevertheless, Stephanie is terrified of spending money and just obsessed with savings.

Especially for the TV show, the mother of two shared some smart tricks that help her significantly reduce her expenses and avoid unnecessary spending. For example, Stephanie has long given up buying cotton pads and q-tips to remove nail polish or apply makeup, she uses lint that accumulates on the filter of the dryer.

Stephanie Bennett. Source: YouTube

The Bennetts have only one light bulb in the whole house. Family members move it from room to room, and it helps them save about $60 a month on electricity. Having to unscrew and screw the bulb back in ten times a day does not make Patrick happy, but he continues to do it out of love for Stephanie.

There is another strict rule that the man had to come to terms with. The cheap Stephanie takes no more than two minutes for water procedures. She controls the time with a stopwatch, and when it is out, she informs her partner through the baby monitor. By Patrick's own admission, he never has time to wash completely. The allotted time is barely enough for the most necessary hygienic procedures.

Obsessed with saving money. Source: YouTube

Restrictions also await Patrick when he watches television. Stephanie allows him to see his favorite matches and television shows, but the man is obliged to turn off the device for the duration of the commercials.

Family and friends treat Stephanie's behavior negatively. Especially surprised by the fact that the mother of two children collects half-eaten food in a jar, and later uses the leftovers to cook lasagna, generously flavored with pre-prepared beef fat. She also cooks it in a very unusual way - she wraps the ingredients in several layers of foil and puts it in the dishwasher with the dirty dishes to save energy and water. There, the dish is steamed with boiling water and hot steam and then goes to the table.

Stephanie's grocery methods are also verz unusual. She believes it's not worth overpaying for inedible parts of food that must be weighed, so you can often see her in front of the counters ripping grapes from the branches or peeling bananas from the skin so the product will cost less.


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