A small Czech family company is famous for its unique designer furniture, which is made of old armchairs from 50-70s. And now no one believes that their first exclusive piece of art was literally brought from the trash.

How did the unusual hobby begin?

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Once in winter Pavla Kosova was walking past garbage bins and saw an old armchair. Despite being rotten and covered with snow, it drew the woman’s attention. On coming home, she thought about it for a while and then she begged her husband to take the armchair home. It turned out that the armchair was a real treasure, since it was an iconic armchair of the Czech designer Jindřich Halabala, model H-269.

Source: businessman

The woman decided to give new life to this piece of furniture. First Pavla wanted to renew it herself, but then she decided to trust the armchair to professionals. She was looking forward to a complete restoration, so she could decorate her living room.

Source: businessman

But the unique piece of furniture also appealed to her future daughter-in-law. Pavla promised that the armchair would be a wonderful wedding gift for the couple.

Source: businessman

Therefore, their family business took off. They repair armchairs to the order of their owners, as well as buy or just pick up unwanted furniture. The couple find most of the armchairs through ads on the Internet.

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Each armchair undergoes a complete restoration. It begins in the carpentry workshop, where craftsmen work on its wooden frame, that is reinforced, polished, and painted. It is virtually the only item that remains original. The soft parts are changed completely, but the original style and type of fabric are preserved.

Pavla Kosova. Source: businessman

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Since the number of 20th century armchairs is constantly decreasing, Pavla’s work is increasingly valued.

Source: businessman

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