Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many people experiencing true isolation for the first time. But this couple is used to it. For nearly three decades, Wayne Adams and Catherine King have been living deliberately away from civilization on their own floating island.

Former dancer Catherine and woodcarver Wayne drift on a floating island near Vancouver Island. They call their refuge "Freedom Cove.”


At the end of the last century, the couple moved out of their rented apartment in Tofino, got rid of all possessions, and began collecting recycled materials to build their own island on the surface of the water.

Wayne assembled a platform of sturdy logs, that became the foundation for the island. Over time, Freedom Cove began to grow and increase in width and length. As a result, there are a lot of buildings on it, and the total weight of the island is estimated at about 1000000 lb, so that no storm can destroy it.


As a result, the island has a house, greenhouses with vegetables, a dance floor (after all, Catherine could not completely give up dancing), its own art gallery, a candle workshop. and solar panels. Wayne was even able to plan the running water.

Freedom Cove is kept from free floating only by the cables that connect the island to the shore. It's about 15 miles to the nearest settlement, so King and Adams were able to achieve true solitude. Just like they dreamed!


People hardly ever visit the couple, and there are no excursions to the island for curious onlookers. But Catherine and Wayne have other guests they love much more: crows, herons, and sea lions. Would you like to live like that?


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