Sarah C. Brown, who lives in Maine, USA, was eager to move out of her parents' home. A 32-year-old young woman worked in the retail industry and didn't have enough money to buy her own house. Having taken a creative approach to the problem, Sarah bought a plot of land, where she intended to build a house. Sarah admits that her decision to leave her parents’ house was not spontaneous. “I love my family, but at this period of my life I want more space and independence," the woman shares.

Sarah C. Brown. Source: businessman

Unfortunately, Sarah didn't have enough money to build a house. An alternative solution had to be found. One night, she came across an advertisement on Facebook, showing a custom-designed plastic dome on sale. So Sarah bought one for herself.

This plastic dome became Sarah's long-awaited home. Source: businessman

With the help of the family and church, the platform for the dome was built within three months. "It was a big effort for everyone. I thank God for guiding me on the right path," Sarah says. The woman adds that her family also helped build the dome and move things around. She could always turn to them as well as to her congregation and church family, who also supported her.

Source: businessman

According to the woman, it only cost her $4000 to buy the dome and install the platform.

Source: businessman

"It's amazing. I have my own house. I want to show people that there are more creative ways to pursue their dreams and buy their first home," Sarah shares.

Source: businessman

However, the woman admits that the first winter was difficult because the dome didn't hold well. Moreover, there is no electricity in the house, but Sarah hopes to install solar panels this year. She cooks on a camping stove, and has a wood stove to heat the room, a refrigerator, and a well with fresh water.

Source: businessman

In the future, Sarah plans to build a cottage and set up her own rare breed chicken farm on the land. She aspires to become a self-sufficient and strong person who achieves everything on her own through hard work and courage.

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Source: businessman

Source: businessman

Source: businessman

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