In the cold late fall, a woman took pity on a few ladybugs and allowed them into her house. She thought that the insects wouldn't stay in the warmth for more than a week, but by spring ladybugs swarmed the whole house.

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The woman's house was warm and cozy. She thought that a few ladybugs, of course, couldn’t disturb anyone. At first the insects stayed somewhere near the ceiling during the day, and in the evenings flew closer to the dinner table. The family quickly got used to the new tenants.

But by the New Year, the woman noticed that the insects were neither going to hibernate nor fly away. There were even more of them. A month later, the number of ladybugs was already impossible to ignore.

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Therefore, the family decided to "evict" the insects to the yard to hibernate. However, it was too late, because the population of ladybugs began to grow rapidly and it was no longer possible to collect them.

Most ladybug species hibernate as adults. Under favorable wintering conditions, the number of insects can reach several tens of thousands.

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All members of the family also tried to fight the ladybirds, but in vain. The family lived with the swarm of ladybugs until spring, and then the insects headed out into the wild as if they received a call from nature. Since then the woman has never "helped" insects again.

Source: trendymen

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