Employees at Barkers Pet Model and Grooming in Alberta, Canada, have had to deal with many unusual situations, but the story of Australian Shepherd Maggie has touched even the most seasoned workers.

The salon often helps local shelters and takes in animals. When Maggie became homeless, Barkers agreed to provide her with a temporary shelter. A few days later, Salon took in two more little puppies left without their mother.

The first night the frightened pups squeaked, and Maggie, who had had her whole litter taken apart the week before, had her heart fluttered. The shepherd somehow managed to open the cage and ran to comfort the pups.

Cute furry family. Source: goodhouse.com

Salon owner Sandy Aldred was lucky enough to witness this miraculous moment. She decided to remotely check the video camera footage through an app on her phone and noticed movement in the room where the dogs were kept. Looking closely, she was able to see Maggie's escape with her own eyes. The dog couldn't get inside the cage with the babies. The shepherd laid down to lick the puppies through the bars of the cage.

After what she saw, Sandy immediately rushed to the parlor. She was so touched by Maggie's act that she let her sleep with the pups. "They were so happy," the girl recalled. - Maggie sniffed them, and then the dogs huddled together and fell into a peaceful sleep. The puppies needed their mom so much, and she needed them. It was a very touching moment."

Soon Maggie returned to her former owners. Her owners couldn't take the puppies back, but thanks to the publication of the video footage on social media, a new home was quickly found for the little ones.

Source: goodhouse.com

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