Hardly any woman allows herself to go to work in the same outfit all the time. But Matilda Kahl, who works for an advertising company, showed up at the office in a snow-white blouse and black pants for three years running.

Source: Matilda Kahl / Instagram

Being tired of pondering over what to wear every morning, Matilda thought it was time to make a change in her life. Not willing to waste precious minutes choosing an outfit, Matilda followed the example of her male colleagues, who wore light-colored shirts and dark pants.

The young woman bought several matching white blouses and six pairs of pants. She decided that this would be her everyday work uniform. No other clothes are needed now.

Source: Matilda Kahl / Instagram

"Because I'm a creative person, I have to work on new projects all the time, I just don't have time to choose and think about what I'm going to wear to work," Matilda says.

Source: Matilda Kahl / Instagram

She chose a strict business style and has stuck to it for three years. At first, her colleagues didn't understand what was going on. The boss even thought of increasing Matilda's salary so that she could buy herself a new outfit.

Source: Matilda Kahl / Instagram

The idea of a work uniform has helped the woman save both time and effort. Since the creative professions demand making lots of decisions on a daily basis, Matilda has got rid of at least one problem in her life. She stopped thinking about her outfit, and now she has more time for work.

Source: Matilda Kahl / Instagram

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