At just 22, Australian resident Chloe Dunstan could already boast that she was a real supermom. At first, she didn't scare her husband too much. By the age of 22 she had Evan, Otto, and baby Felix. But then she decided to speed up the process of expanding their family, and gave birth to the triplets Rufus, Hank and Pearl.

Source: Chloe and Beans / Instagram

Three years later, the Dunstans decided that they did not want children anymore. Chloe went to the hospital, where she had her fallopian tubes tied.

Source: Chloe and Beans / Instagram

However, a few years later the couple decided to have another child. Having undergone necessary surgical treatment, Chloe could become a mother again.

Source: Chloe and Beans / Instagram

It came to the couple as surprise that the 27-year-old mother would have two more babies. The twins were named Cosmo and Sylvie.

Source: Chloe and Beans / Instagram

Despite becoming a mother-of-eight at such a young age, the woman copes well with her eight children. According to Chloe, the older children wash their own clothes, help their mother bathe the younger ones, and read books before going to bed. Chloe says there are more than a thousand books in their family library.

Source: Chloe and Beans / Instagram

“It’s definitely gotten easier over the years with the night-time routine as all bar the twins can now dress themselves. With the triplets there for a bit when they were young, it was a lot of work. But I think with big families you have to do whatever works for you,” Chloe shares.

Source: Chloe and Beans / Instagram

Chloe’s older children help her a lot. It is due to Evan and Otto that the parents can relax in the evening and spend an hour or two together.

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Chloe talks about her everyday life on her YouTube blog, that has a large army of fans.

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