Ken Amante, a Filipino, has loved animals since childhood. He started feeding stray dogs the day he started getting pocket money from his parents. He would go to the nearest store with a backpack, fill it up with food and feed all the stray animals he met.

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At some point his father decided to keep track of where his son went every day and what he spent his allowance on. He was ready to see anything but not his son feeding three stray dogs!

The animals were skin and bones, as all their fur had fallen out from exhaustion and malnutrition. There was an adult female and her two puppies, which Ken named Puppy, Brownie, and Blackie. The dogs greedily devoured the food, though they didn’t want to get close to Ken.

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After revealing Ken's secret, his father took pictures of his 9-year-old son feeding stray dogs and posted the photos on Imgur. The photos quickly went viral. Many Internet users were touched by the boy's kind actions, and Ken began to be offered donations from all over the world.

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So suddenly the boy had a real opportunity to make his dream come true. He opened a non-profit shelter for stray animals when he was just 9 years old.

"The Happy Animal Club" opened on March 31, 2014 and was the first institution of its kind in Davao City, the Philippines. The club was founded with donations from social media users, and so far Ken has received help from animal lovers to maintain it.

Of course, if it hadn’t been for Ken’s parents help, the 9-year-old boy wouldn't have been able to open the shelter. The family provided the shelter with all the necessary. 

Source: Happy Animals Club / Facebook

The shelter's first residents were Puppy, Brownie, and Blackie. Ken had been taking care of them until they fully recovered. The dogs received expert veterinary care, grew their fur, and then Ken found them a safe home.

Source: Happy Animals Club / Facebook

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