In December 2002, three sisters were born, whose births can be called a true miracle. The bodies of two of the girls were fused together, and their sister was born separately, which can only happen in one in 200,000 cases. And that was the triplets Macy, Mackenzie, and Madeline.

Each of them weighed just over 900 grams at birth.

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The sisters were immediately abandoned by their parents. The couple had drug problems, and they certainly couldn't take care of the girls around the clock. Fortunately for the abandoned children, the Harrison family took over their care. Simple farmers from Iowa were already raising three sons, but they dreamed of daughters. The difficulties inherent in the health of the triplets did not deter them.

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Nine months after birth, on September 10, 2003, Macy and Mackenzie underwent separation surgery. Doctors called it a success, but both girls lost one leg and were subsequently forced to use prostheses. Two years later, Darla and her husband Jeff officially adopted the triplets. They are now 20 years old and living normal lives, just like thousands of their peers.

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"When you raise children with disabilities around people who treat them like normal children, they begin to see themselves as such," adds Linda Kontis, co-founder of the foster care agency.

"It's a credit not just to Darla and Jeff, but to their whole family. That's why these are such amazing kids."

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