A good heart remains good in any situation, and Serenity, a stray dog from Canada, proves it. She was found on the side of the road in Ontario by animal rights activists from Pet and Wildlife Rescue after a call from a local resident. But the dog wasn't alone. There were five kittens with her and Serenity was keeping them warm and safe.

A stray dog from Canada warmed and guarded five kittens

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All six animals were taken away by animal advocates

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The kittens were taken to a shelter, because they were too young to find a permanent home.

Serenity's story went viral, and there were many people willing to adopt her

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According to the organization, she is about two years old and is a very energetic and playful dog. Apparently, she will get along well with cats in the house and become a leader among other dogs. But it is better not to take her into a house with small children, so that she did not accidentally hurt them, because she still needs training. Unfortunately, the shelter won't be able to place her with the kittens, because they will need a few more months to grow up. Serenity will be ready to leave the shelter in two weeks, since she needs to be spayed.

Source: twizz

The dog will be ready to find a new home very soon. Serenity is an example of extraordinary kindness. Such a caring dog deserves the best owner!

Source: twizz

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