In 1992, the German Countess Karlotta Liebenstein bequeathed her vast fortune to her beloved dog, a German shepherd named Gunther III. After a while the dog also left this world, and his inheritance passed to his son Gunther IV.

A few years ago, the British edition of The Sun published a list of the richest animals in the world, who received an inheritance from their generous owners. And Gunther IV was at the top of this kind of hit parade. The dog's fortune was assessed at a very impressive sum of $100 million.


The news made a lot of noise, and some newspapers published skeptical articles saying it was just a hoax and the millionaire dog was just a canard. But in 1999, the "tycoon" Gunther IV had become involved in real estate transactions. The media reported that the dog, of course, through trustees, intends to buy the mansion of famous actor Sylvester Stallone in Miami Beach for a tidy sum of $25 million.

For some unknown reason, the deal fell through, but Gunter and his guardians were not left without a home. The villa of singer Madonna was purchased for $7.5 million.


Gunter and his "managers", two boys and three girls, settled in the luxurious house. But this was not the end of the wealthy shepherd's investment.

Gunter and his companions visited an auction in Italy, where a rare truffle mushroom was purchased for $3 million. By the way, white truffle is a favorite dainty of Gunther IV, and specially hired chefs cook it for him.


Gunther really lives a life of luxury. Over time, in addition to the villa in Miami mansions in Germany, Italy, and the Bahamas have been added. The dog travels in a luxurious BMW with a chauffeur.


However, many people still argue that this story is a publicity stunt. They say that the story with the inheritance is a hoax and that the guardians of Gunther IV are pop musicians, trying to attract attention this way.


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