You should definitely meet Pickles. This cat now reaches 3 feet in body length and weighs 21 lb. Because of his enormous size, Andrew and Emily named him Catosaurus Rex.

Pickles had lived in a Boston shelter until a happy family took him in. At that time, more than fifty Boston residents were interested in this huge cat.


Volunteers thought for a long time about who he would be best suited for and decided it would be Andrew and Emily. Until the moment the cat came to the shelter he had wandered the streets and eaten what he could.

As soon as the young couple spotted the giant on the Internet, they went to the shelter without delay. Now it's been a month since the cat lived with his loving family. He has a lot of space on the couch, just like a human.


Andrew said that on first impression this powerful cat looked like a big beast. As soon as they saw him in the flesh, they decided to adopt him.

Pickles' size is large, and his character is not easy to tackle. So he didn't get along with a Canadian family who had other pets and they gave him to the shelter.


It turns out the cat doesn't notice his enormous size and so sweeps away everything in his way. He thinks he is a little fluffy cat.

Quite realistically, Pickles has something of the Maine Coon breed in his blood. When friends visit the young couple, they become fascinated by the cat's size.


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