About a decade ago, Tiffany and her husband decided to buy a house in the countryside. They had already looked at several options, but when they saw the farmhouse, surrounded by fields and tall trees, they made the instant decision to buy it.

Left: the farmhouse; right: Tiffany with her husband and children. Source: @paintedrootshome

The house was abandoned, the walls were in a terrible condition, the porch had been already damaged from old age, the roof was leaking, and there was a complete mess inside the house: trash, dirt, and scattered things. It was clear that no one had lived there for a very long time.

The dining room. Source: @paintedrootshome

But the couple fell in love with the house, so they weren't intimidated by the challenges of its renovation. On the contrary, they were inspired by the prospects of the long restoration. For Tiffany, a lover of antique items and vintage furniture, this house’s renovation was a lifelong dream. Paired with her husband, right after buying the house, she set about taking the junk out and fixing it up.

The dining room. Source: @paintedrootshome

The kitchen. Source: @paintedrootshome

The couple couldn't wait to move into their new home. Moreover, it wasn't convenient for them to commute from the city to do repairs. So a month later, after a minimum home renovation had been done, they decided to move in.

Source: @paintedrootshome

The repairs moved smoothly from one room to another, creating a new image. Over ten years the house has become more lively and furnished.

Source: @paintedrootshome

The house is filled with vintage furniture and items Tiffany bought from local farmers and flea markets. She would immediately remodel or repaint them, and find a place for them in her home.

The bedroom on the second floor. Source: @paintedrootshome

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Some decor Tiffany made herself, some she bought online, and some she brought from her father-in-law's dairy farm such as large glass bottles, farm utensils, and wicker baskets.

Source: @paintedrootshome

In those ten years, the couple have breathed new life into the old house as well as old household items. They have gained skills in restoration and construction, and they have had a son and a daughter. And they have also been able to prove that the new is not always better than the forgotten old!

Source: @paintedrootshome

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