Two decades ago 54-year-old Jane Beck decided to make a drastic change in her life. So, she bought an old house in Wales, that cost just $75. Quite a bargain, wasn't it?

All who knew Jane closely could not appreciate her purchase because the house was not in a living condition. It lacked such basic things as electricity and heating. The roof was in a state of disrepair. It was clear at once why the house was sold for such a ridiculous amount.

Jane Beck. Source: nubenews

The woman's friends couldn't understand why she needed this dilapidated house. After all, it is much easier to build a new or buy a ready-made house, rather than rebuild such a neglected building.

The answer was simple. Jane loved the scenic landscape where the house was located. Also, the house had been built in the 1980s, and Jane had always been attracted to antiques. There were woods, a river, and clean air not far from the house. It was the kind of place she dreamed of getting old in.

A 20-year renovation.

It took Jane almost 22 years to renovate and rebuild her home. The woman simply didn't have all the money at once, and she didn't want to take out a loan.

Source: nubenews

Jane cannot calculate the total amount spent on repairs. Too much time has passed from the beginning to the end of the renovation. All we know is that now the house is assessed at $569,000.

Source: nubenews

The interesting thing is that the house looks quite simple inside. It cannot be called a palace or royal mansion. Europeans do not like the pompousness, for them the most important thing is comfort and convenience. The richness of the interior is not to their liking.

Simple and tasteful

The house is decorated in the Provence style. It is often used for the decoration of country houses. In the Provence style natural materials, textile decorations prevail. If we talk about the color scheme, the main emphasis is on light pastel colors. And as for furniture, preference is given to elegant vintage items.

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Source: nubenews

If you compare the condition of the house after the purchase and today, the result is impressive.

The house is both simple and comfortable. The woman has equipped it with a sauna, a hot tub, a landscaped garden, and a sun terrace. Jane lives and works here. She is a skilled quilt sewer and has her own workshop. Moreover, local shepherds rent rooms from her.

The landlady has added a lot of new things of her own to the old spirit that existed in the house originally. She has added a darker shade of red to the light pastel colors. The woman likes to admire the house at sunset.

Source: nubenews

Jane has managed to turn an old, dilapidated building into her dream home, where she can spend her old age in peace.

Source: nubenews

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