Melanie and Ben Bassett from Hampshire were welcoming the year 2020 the New with a big partz with friends and family ßthat was about to be the year they would have triplets. The mother carried them in two uteruses at once because of the peculiarities of her body. The unusual case surprised not only British doctors, but also the whole world.

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32 years old Melanie was shocked when doctors informed her that she was carrying two twins in one uterus and one in the other. Two sisters, Brooke and Isabel, and brother Beau were born by c-section during the the 32nd week.

The probability of twins being born from two uteruses is one in a million. The triplets, which came into the Bassett family, were the first such case in Great Britain.

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Having two uteruses does not make conception difficult, but it does increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. Melanie's first daughter, Phoebe, was born prematurely in 2017, during the 29th week, weighing only 1 pound .

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