An architect from Sydney and a father of three, bought an old dilapidated building and has turned it into a dream house with a design inspired by nature. Hardly anyone would refuse to spend a couple of days in it.

In 2015, architect Clinton Cole bought a shabby building on Sydney's west side for A$930,000. Five years later, the house is unrecognizable and even won a national award for its creative design.

When Cole bought the house, the building had already been "uninhabited" for several years. But with his architectural and design skills, the Australian has managed to breathe life into it. He used plants as the main tool to do it. There is a lot of greenery in the house, that gives it a fresh look. There's even room on the roof for a small garden, where the family grows vegetables all year round.

Source: nubenews

Inside the building, everything had to be redesigned as well. To make it easier to breathe in the house, Cole got rid of the walls as much as possible, replacing them with mobile transparent partitions. Also, the traditional solid staircase was replaced with a spiral staircase, which looks more elegant and takes up less space.

Source: nubenews

Clinton used different materials for decoration in different areas of the house to keep the interior from looking dull. For example, brick and concrete were used in the basement, wood on the ground floor, and a variety of metal trim on the second floor.

All in all, it took Clinton about a A$1 million dollars to redesign and do all the other renovations. But the effort was not in vain. Now the property is valued at more than A$2.5 million.

Source: nubenews

Source: nubenews

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