When we are in a hurry, we often do something wrong. As the saying goes, "haste makes waste." Having overslept the usual hour of waking up, Nigel, a San Diego resident, was hurrying to work. So he forgot to close the window before he left, which resulted in an unexpected event.

Having returned home, Nigel did not notice anything unusual. However, when he entered his room, there was a cat resting comfortably on his armchair. The animal looked at him in surprise and started meowing, but did not run away. According to Nigel, he was, to put it mildly, shocked and did not even immediately understand how the intruder had got into the house. Only after several minutes, the man noticed that the window was slightly open.

The furry guest on the chair. Source: pulse

Soon afterwads, Nigel ran to the nearest store and got the cat something to eat. The cat pounced on his meal. Nigel made inquiries about the cat, but no one had ever seen him before.

The cat spent the night at Nigel's house and in the morning they went to the vet. There, the animal was checked for a chip, but there was none, which meant that the cat was most likely a stray. The animal was given the necessary vaccinations and then was taken back to Nigel’s home. That's when Nigel realized that he had become the lucky owner of his own cat.

Nigel and the cat. Source: pulse

Nigel told us that the cat quickly made himself comfortable at home. Nigel named his pet Gato, but sometimes he calls him Buddy. The cat is affectionate and loves to sit on the Nigel lap, but sometimes he goes crazy and makes a real mess in the house.

The cat is playing around. Source: pulse

Nigel is very grateful to fate for such a gift. "Furry buddy has chosen me and my home himself," the man shares.

Source: pulse

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