One day Mike Jivanjee was going for a boat ride and noticed a lonely baby bird in the water that needed help. The bird turned out to be a gosling, that had almost drowned. Besides, there were a lot of speedboats passing nearby that could have just killed the poor thing.

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Without hesitation, Mike picked up the gosling and did everything he could to save the adorable baby bird. He also tried to find the goose's family. But unfortunately, her "mother" wanted nothing to do with the little gosling and rejected the baby.

So Mike decided to take the gosling in. He promised himself that he would take care of the bird until she was old enough to take care of herself. From that moment Mike called the bird Kyle the goose.

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After Kyle had grown up, Mike did his best to get her to live in the wild. But it didn't work out, as Kyle considered Mike to be her mother and didn't want to leave. Mike even drove a five miles to let her go in the wild, but the goose still flew off to him.

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"When I got home, she was already sitting on the boat. It turns out that geese have a built-in GPS, which is better than our iPhone," Mike said.

Mike realized that Kyle didn't want to leave him, so he decided to treat her like his pet. The two have been inseparable ever since, often boating and even shopping, and eating out together. In addition, Mike mentions that Kyle acts like a human being.

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"Kyle loves all the programs on the Discovery Channel. She is also a big fan of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Animal Planet. Kyle also likes to hang out at neighbors' houses when they go on vacation," he said. "She doesn't see herself as a goose, so she wants to be with people all the time."

Kyle has 76,000 followers on Instagram and can always count on her "mommy" Mike’s love.

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