In June 2020 Andrew Pugnet, 28, and his wife Sabrina from Ontario, Canada, moved into the house with an old swimming pool. The couple learnt from their neighbors that the pool had not been used for about two decades.

Andrew and Sabrina (left); Sabrina is cleaning the pool (right). Source: Jam Press

Over the years, the old pool was gradually filled with trash and rainwater, resulting in a lake-like ecosystem of its own at the bottom.

Source: Jam Press

Having renovated the ground floor of the house, the couple got to the pool renovation last summer.

"Andrew and I didn't know if the pool, staying filled with water and debris for years, could even be restored," Sabrina says.

Source: Jam Press

In order to hire someone to fix the pool, they contacted local pool companies but in vain. Their emails were left unanswered, probably because of high demand during the pandemic.

Source: Jam Press

The couple decided to do everything themselves, sharing their experience on TikTok, that had a huge success with viewers. Their first post got more than 20 million likes on the platform.

Source: Jam Press

After draining the water and cleaning out the debris, the couple saw that the pool structure could be saved, except for minor surface rust, which Andrew was able to remove afterwards. The couple completed the entire restoration in just over a month, beginning in mid-July 2021.

Source: Jam Press

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The work cost them a whopping total of $20,000.


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