Roger Wohrle, a retired interior designer, has been building a stunning mansion, called 'Eragone' estate in the United States, for the whole life, and now he wants to give it away for free.

Roger Wohrle dedicated more than 50 years to the reconstruction and improvement of his five-acre New Jersey estate, which for years hosted Playboy shoots. Now the man wants to give it away for free to anyone who will meet his demands.


Several years ago he made his wish public. Since then Roger has received many offers from people wanting to use the estate for such purposes as a nudist colony, dog shelter, and a yoga retreat.


But the man notes that his Eragone is not the place to live in for free.

"Let's be clear, I am not looking to just 'give it away'. I am over 80 years old now. I have no plans of departing anytime soon but I know I won't live forever. Having never married I have no heirs to leave it to and wanted it to be preserved for its historical and aesthetic value," Roger says.

The large heated greenhouse has been founded 50 years ago. Source:

The estate includes the main house filled with a collection of antiques and vintage artwork that will also be handed over.


Also it features an amazing greenhouse, where tropical trees, flowering plants, vines and aquatic flora have been growing for 50 years. There are also two unique bars, one of which is made of precious wood and marble from the St. Regis Hotel in New York City.

The famous bar. Source:

According to Mr. Wohrle the mansion is worth millions not including the cost of the artwork and antiques inside.

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An Olympic-sized pool with a patio is also located on the premises of Eragone.

The swimming pool. Source:

Mr. Wohrle says that the future owner of the house should maintain it as well as he has over the years for his amazing work not to deteriorate. He dreams that the property will outlive him by decades.


Mr. Worle says, “The annual cost of maintaining the estate is in excess of six figures a private individual would have to take that into consideration plus there is no guarantee it wouldn't be torn down or altered that is why I am looking for a Non-profit, educational or similar institution to take over care of it."


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