For 64 years Audrey Phillips was married to an ordinary construction laborer. That, at least, was what the woman believed. Many years later while looking through some documents abandoned in the attic, Audrey accidentally found out that all these years her husband had led a double life and secretly worked as a real spy.

Audrey had always known her husband as a good family man. Glen seemed to have spent his entire life in the small town of Trowbridge, working in the construction business.

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The documents found by the woman in the attic showed just how wrong she had been. Glen was recruited by MI5 British intelligence in the 1940s and continued to spy for most of his adult life.

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"Looking back, I remember how often my husband was away on business trips. But how was it possible to imagine that Glen was a spy? It's completely inconceivable," Audrey said.

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It seems that Glen really was a born spy. Otherwise, how could he be hiding the truth from his own wife for decades?

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