An apparently ordinary bronze mirror from China was stored in the museum vault for years. However, it has turned out that the strange artifact had a secret hidden in plain sight. On pointing a flashlight at the mirror a museum worker saw a reflection of a hidden image on the wall.

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Dating back to the 15th century, the artifact remained in the vaults of the Cincinnati Museum of Art for more than 50 years. It had not been on display for a long time, and a museum employee was looking at the object simply out of curiosity during one of his nightly rounds.

At one point, the employee pointed a flashlight at the mirror to make out the ornaments. The beam reflected off the polished bronze and a figure appeared on the wall, that no one had seen before.

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The hidden reflection showed an image of Amitabha Buddha, an important figure in a number of East Asian Buddhist traditions. Museum workers contacted experts, who explained that the artifact was a rare "magic mirror."

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"Artisans first made a casting with an image on one side of the bronze plate. Then they engraved a similar image on the front surface and polished it until it became as shiny as a regular mirror. They covered it with amalgam and as a result, the hidden picture revealed itself only when the sunlight fell on the surface at a certain angle," the museum worker explains.

Such artifacts are extremely rare. Similar mirrors are kept only in large museums in Tokyo, New York, and Shanghai.

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