If you want to succeed in the IT sector, you definitely need to go to Silicon Valley. This region is famous for the number of millionaires per square mile, and it is not surprising that renting a home here costs a fortune. John Potter, a lucky man, who lives in this great place, craves after becoming a millionaire and never loses the chance to make money.

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One day, while chatting with his friends, John noted that letting a house or an apartment is much more profitable than working, because there are crowds of people longing to live and work in Silicon Valley. Someone joked that John should rent out an old tent in his backyard. Potter took this idea seriuosly, thinking to himself that this would be a great startup. So he set up a tent in the backyard of his house and posted an ad on Airbnb, where he offered his modest housing for just $20 a night. John was astonished when he received 30 inquiries about his housing just in first two days!

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All the renters acknowledged that they were offered just a tent in one's backyard. Moreover, some people were surprised at such a bargain price of the housing in Silicon Valley. "Several of them asked if the price was real. They thought it was unusually cheap or something," John says.

However, John Potter isn't a stingy man, so he offers several perks to his tent such as a daily shower at his house, eating in his kitchen, and free Wi-Fi. By the way, nightly conversations with the tent host are included in the price.

John's ad on Airbnb. Source: bigpicture

There were so many people who wanted to live in the tent that John had to raise the cost of living twice: first to $ 30 dollars a day and then to $46. Now the tent brings even more that John earns at his work.

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"Since we're in Mountain View, close to numerous job opportunities and railway routes that people take to San Francisco, you can get a lot of money renting out anything here, even an old tent," John explains.

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