George Osgood, a professional farmer, is constantly interested in innovations in the breeding of chickens and other poultry. One day he came across a curious item on eBay: someone was selling emu hatching eggs. The seller honestly said that there was about 50% chance of getting chicks, but Osgood decided to give it a try. At that time the man did not realize what this would result in!

Here is the emu egg, that is 14 times the size of a chicken egg and quite expensive.

Emu egg vs chicken egg. Source:

Unfortunately, out of four eggs only one chick has hatched. Moreover, the chick turned out weak and had to be helped out of the shell.

The chick has just hatched. Source:

The chick survived and began to grow. Although initially George had named it Paul, it was later discovered that the chick was female. Anyway, the name stuck.

Here 2-week-old little Paul is interested in everything around her.


Despite growing quickly, Paul was far from being independent and needed help from her owner.


When Osgood had an urgent trip, he preferred to take the baby emu with him rather than risk leaving her at home for a few days.


Six-week-old Paul starts shedding her baby feathers and the ear holes can be seen on her neck.

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The adorable chick begins turn into an adult emu, even though she is only 2 months old.


Shortly after that Paul caught a bacterial infection and even an experienced vet, who had worked with ostriches, was not sure if she would recover. The emu's life hung in the balance.

Poor sick Paul. Source:

The illness had not been receding for two weeks, but finally Paul got over it! Paul is recovering and looks much better!


Now it is obvious that she is a real emu.


The constant contact with people and other animals on the farm affected Paul's psyche. She seems to have an identity crisis, because she doesn't know if she is a dog, a chicken, or a human being.


The emu spends most of her time with chickens and there are no conflicts between the birds.


Paul is already quite large, with a distinctive striped coloring, but she is still a youngster. She will reach her full weight and height in a year or so.



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