What can you find in an old garage left to you by an eccentric and wacky uncle? A brother and sister from Newcastle, UK, found that out by checking out their unexpected inheritance.

They went to the garage only to throw away all the junk that their uncle hadn't bothered to to take to the dump. After cleaning the garage, they intended to sell it. The siblings opened the door, went inside the garage and screamed with joyful surprise. Among the debris and dust they found a steel jewel.

The nephew immediately realized what kind of car it was.

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Dr. Harold Carr wasn't very sociable in the last years of his life and led a secretive lifestyle. Everyone knew that he had a small collection of cars, and it was even rumored that he had a Bugatti. But hardly anyone believed these rumors. His secret was revealed only after his death. Harold Carr left a 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante.

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All the Bugatti cars are exorbitantly expensive and are rightfully considered to be luxurious, but this car in particular is a diamond in the Italian company's crown. Only 43 specimens of this model have been produced, and by 2009, when the car was found, there were none left at all.

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The first owner of this miracle was Count Francis Curzon, a car-hunter and auto-racing enthusiast of the 30s. Prior to Dr. Carr, the car had changed several owners and participated in many races. Strangely enough, but the car remained intact.

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After the expiration of Harold Carr's license, the car was gathering dust in the garage for decades. Next to the Bugatti a classic Aston Martin and piles of letters from car-hunters offering millions for the Bugatti were found.

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Given the car's uniqueness and fascinating history, it was sold at auction for $4 million (although the estimated value of the car was $8.5 million). Having divided the money among themselves, the siblings told journalists what diamonds could be found in the dust of an old garage.

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