Lily had no idea what kind of guardian angel her unborn son would have. Panda the cat, that had always been a gentle and playful pet, changed dramatically with the onset of Lily's pregnancy. And even after an easy delivery, the furry pet continued to carry out her responsible and touching mission. Lily's photos made this sentimental story go around the world.

Panda didn't take a step away from Lily's belly.

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Lily recalls that it all started when the pregnancy became visually noticeable. Instead of demanding her owner's attention, Panda gave it to the unborn baby in every convenient moment.

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The miracle of birth took place on schedule and Sean, a healthy boy, was born.

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After first three challenging months, Lily was able to resume her photo diary. The first thing she did was to capture Panda in her familiar role as Sean's faithful babysitter.

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The photos speak volumes. There is no doubt that Panda will continue to take care of the baby in the future.

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For many parents, the birth of a baby turns the life upside down. Pets are often deprived of their owners' attention and even are put up for adoption because of real and far-fetched fears. This is not the case with Lily, who rightfully considers both Sean and Panda to be equal members of her family.

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Lily's advice to other moms is to rethink the way our four-legged friends are treated. After all, their love for children is just as genuine as ours.

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