The man did not have enough money to buy even the most modest apartment. Taking out a mortgage to pay off for years didn't seem like the right decision either, so he invested the money in two old shipping containers. The man had already seen how full-fledged houses were made out of containers. His neighbors had taken the idea with skepticism, but after six months began to envy the designer house like out of magazines.

The total size of the purchased containers was 646 square feet. First the man had doubts if he could use shipping containers as a house. Having thought for a while he decided to give it a try, because he already had a free plot of land at his disposal. Moreover, building a traditional house would have cost even more than a city apartment.

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Soon afterwards, the man sent both containers to a company that specialized in building such houses. The specialists did all the interior decorations, as well as the electricity and plumbing.

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"They brought two ready-made blocks to the site, which were placed right on the foundation. I opened the door and could live there at once," said the owner of the unusual house.

The containers cost the man about $2000 each. There is enough space for comfortable living in the house. The 646-square-feet housing features an entrance hall, a separate kitchen, a bedroom, and a lounge.

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The house stands out against nearby buildings. No wonder that now neighbors are envious of it.

Source: trendymen

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