The unhappy dog you can see in this picture is Violet. In December 2016 this dog and five other pooches were found chained up on the same property in Miguel, New Mexico. According to Angela Stell, founder and director of NMDOG, an organization that rescues chained dogs, the 2-year-old pooch had probably been chained all her life.

In Miguel County it's against the law to chain dogs if their owner isn't around. Fortunately, a woman driving by noticed the chained dog and called the police and Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico for help.

Source: NMDOG

The local authorities were surprised to learn that the owner of the property and the dogs was in jail and took no care of the animals.

Source: NMDOG

The police unchained the dogs and brought them to a veterinary clinic, where they underwent a full medical examination. Violet was diagnosed with severe sunburns and a bad case of flystrike, a condition in which maggots eat away at an animal's flesh. Now she has got over her illnesses and is relatively healthy. However, she still has some psychological issues to be worked with, as she is very afraid of people. Anyway, Violet has no longer such huge chains around her neck.

Source: NMDOG

The poor thing had been ignored and chained up for too long. Since Violet was rescued, she has learned to trust people more.

Source: NMDOG

She loves to play with soft animals curling up on her blanket. You can see Violet with her first toy, a soft raccoon!

Source: NMDOG

Violet likes to take walks.

Source: NMDOG

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In a few weeks, Violet will be ready to find her permanent home. She will bring joy and happiness to any home. Good luck, Violet!

Source: NMDOG


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