Greg Heynen and his wife had already had dogs before they started dating and got married. His wife's Pit Bull, Zack, did not like Greg from the very beginning. When their daughter was born, Greg told his wife: "If he even nips at our baby, we'll get rid of him."

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When the couple brought their daughter home, both dogs sniffed and licked her, wagging their tails. Greg had to pull Zack away from the baby because he wouldn't stop licking her. Therefore, the Pit Bull immediately fell in love with the baby and became the girl's guardian. When she was sleeping, he would always put one paw on the blanket as if he wanted to protect her.

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Zack loved Greg's daughter very much, and when she got a little older, he would always walk her to bed and then sleep next to her. He knew exactly when it was time to go upstairs and would wait for her at the foot of the stairs and then take her to bed.

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Unfortunately, Zack didn't live a long life and was poisoned by the kids from their neighborhood. It was one of the worst days for the whole family. Watching their daughter say goodbye to her beloved pet lying on the kitchen floor was heartbreaking.

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At 8:00 p.m. that night, the girl was about to walk up the stairs to go to bed. At that moment, all three of them knew that Zack wouldn't accompany her upstairs for the first time in five years. She looked at her parents with an expression of terror and panic on her face.

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At that moment Greg's dog, Sam, that also affectionately loved the girl, got up and came up to her. He put his paw on the stairs and looked at the girl. After that they began to walk upstairs together to the girl's bed.

For the next six years Sam waited for her on the stairs every night.

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