Usually, if an animal goes missing from a farm, you can say goodbye to it forever. Especially if the farm is located in a deep forest. But this unusual story shows: there is always a chance to get your four-legged friend back. Even if a whole year has passed.

The escapee was found. Source:

A cow named Bonnie, only four months old, ran away from an auction where she was supposed to find a new home. She managed to jump out of the pen and rush so fast toward the woods that her owners had no time to do anything.

Bonnie had made her desperate escape in the summer, so it was easy for her to feed for the first few months, shunning all humans. But by the autumn everyone believed that she would be eaten by wolves, or she would simply give up and go out on her own.

Surrounded by care. Source:

This did not happen. The rebellious cow continued to be seen by the locals, but she kept running away from them into the thicket that was already hers. So Bonnie became a true local legend. They even installed cameras in the forest for her sake. They really wanted to understand how the animal managed to survive in the wild.

When the cow could not get food on her own, she would go to the farms and look for food there. People would treat the local celebrity loyally, give her treats, and she would walk back into the woods with an independent look. So how did she survive?

A unique understanding of animals. Souece:

All became clear thanks to the surveillance cameras that had been installed to watch the rebellious cow. It turned out that she had joined a herd of deer. They, for some reason, began to mistake Bonnie for one of their own. So she and her friends are still living somewhere in the Dutch woods.


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