A family decided to invest their last money in an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the large city. Their friends thought that the purchase was an unreasonable expenditure, to say the least, but Rachel and Emilien had thought through their renovation plan well in advance. Two years later, the new owners showed an ultra-modern loft that also cost them less than a small apartment in a new building.

The factory is rather small and is located in a beautiful and quiet place. The presence of all public utilities as well as convenient transportation are the advantages of the object. But inside the premises looked completely abandoned and dilapidated. The family even had to dismantle the rotten roof.

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The blank walls clearly lacked windows, but this problem was solved quite easily.

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Most of the interior partitions were removed. The room was divided into two floors with a cozy bedroom right below the roof windows.

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See how the work was going:

The project, which had begun as an adventure, made Rachel and Emilien famous. They have already been hired for similar projects.

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