When a child asks to buy a dog, parents don't often agree. But the Johnsons' wanted to make their 7-year-old son's dream come true. They decided to adopt a dog from a shelter.

At the shelter the whole family was immediately led to the cage with puppies, so that the boy could choose any one he liked. But a dog with sad eyes sitting in a nearby cage attracted the boy's attention.

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The shelter worker said the pet was quite old, that's why he had such a sad look in his eyes. The boy wanted to pet the pooch and was allowed to enter the cage to see Max. At that moment, the dog came up to the child and put his head on the boy's lap. It was such a touching scene that all the present people had tears in their eyes.

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The schoolboy said that he liked Max very much, and asked his parents take him in. The boy's mom and dad agreed. Now the old pooch lives in a loving family. He cheered up as soon as he left the shelter.

Source: storyfox

The boy made Max happy. Without realizing it, the child has made a big difference by giving Max a chance to be happy at the end of his life.

Source: storyfox

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