Whidbey, an affectionate dog, was found wandering the streets of Texas with her brother when she was only a few weeks old. Both dogs were spotted by an animal shelter employee, who sent them to Petfinder, an animal rescue organization.

Meanwhile Olivia, a shelter manager at Storybrooke Farm in Waterbury, Vermont, and her husband were looking for a new pet. Thus, they decided to take Whidbey in. The friendly dog has lived with them ever since. The woman says that at first Whidbey was extremely afraid of virtually anything, even balloons, because of her sad past. Fortunately, she soon began to interact with other animals that were brought to the farm.

Dexter is a miniature stallion, rescued from an Oklahoma slaughterhouse. Tess, who doesn't own a farm but rescues horses, contacted Olivia. When Dexter first arrived in New Hampshire, his condition shocked everyone.

Dexter is one of 10 miniature horses rescued from the slaughterhouse earlier this year. Source: freedomrideequine

"He was in really, really bad shape," Tess said.

Describing his condition in detail, Tess added that his eyes were swollen and watery. Tess even bought Dexter a huge teddy bear at Walmart because he was very lonely.

Source: freedomrideequine

Over the next few weeks, Dexter was washed and his eyes were cured. Nevertheless, Tess felt that Dexter was still lonely and might need the company of other animals like him. Then she decided to seek help from Olivia, who advised Tess to take Dexter to her farm.

Source: freedomrideequine

According to Tess, as soon as Dexter got out of the trailer, Whidbey ran to him. Playing with Whidbey made Dexter feel much better, and he was no longer afraid. Since that day, Whidbey has never left Dexter's side.

Source: freedomrideequine

"I don't think we will ever get tired of watching them running around together," Tess said. "It really is something special. There's something so wonderful about the two animals, that shouldn't be together, but which are clearly obsessed and in love with each other," Tess said as she watched Dexter and Whidbey playing around.

Source: freedomrideequine

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