Sometimes it happens that one mother does not deserve to bear this title. This is exactly what happened in the White Lion Park, where a lioness abandoned her babies.


At first the lioness ignored her cubs, and then she even started growling and biting them instead of the usual licking in such cases. The cubs would have perished if it had not been for Sandra, a German shepherd, that lives there. Sandra has recently given birth to puppies and was still nursing them.

"What if we put lion cubs beside her?" the park staff wondered.


Although lion cubs consume much more milk than puppies, a shepherd being sufficiently fed can nurse up to eight cubs. However, the park staff knew about Sandra's violent dislike of cats.

But time passed, the lion cubs were meowing more and more pitifully, and the park staff decided on an unusual experiment to use a dog as a nursing mother for the lion cubs. Moreover, the shepherd's milk is quite suitable for lion cubs, since it has the whole necessary set of nutrients.


First Sandra sniffed at the lion cubs. After thinking for a while, she lay down on her side, exposing her mammary glands to the two strangers. The park staff breathed out. The experiment has worked!


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