Jude Verett decided to remove a hornet's nest from his old garage. He put on some protective clothing and started working, but soon he realized that the nest was so huge that it was taking up the whole garage.

Jude is a professional exterminator, so he is lucky with his profession. That day he was busy with his small apiary, so he was wearing a protective suit and a camera attached to his hat.

Source: trendymen

Jude hadn't been in the garage for about six months. Apparently, that was enough time for the hornets to create one of the biggest nests that took up virtually half the room. Naturally, the man immediately decided to get rid of uninvited neighbors.

Jude took the professional equipment and stepped over the threshold of the garage again. The hornets became even more furious:

The hornets had found a home in Jude's garage. They are not dangerous to humans and usually behave rather quietly.

Source: trendymen

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