In Tamil Nadu, the southern Indian state, bathed by the warm waters of the Bay of Bengal, there is a typical Indian farm. Subramani, a farmer, lives there with his pets, a dog and a cat. Not only his pets help him in his troubles, but also the cat and dog get along well.

One day Subramani noticed that both his pets were pregnant. According to the owner's estimations the new addition to the family was going to be born almost at the same time.

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Further events could make the basis of an Indian movie script. The cat died giving birth to her kittens and both of the dog's puppies were born dead. Bollywood, indeed.

The owner grieved with the dog, mourning her puppies. But the kittens were still alive, pretty, and orphaned. Who will feed them now with warm breast milk? Fortunately, the dog had milk, but the cruel fate took her pups away.

Subramani decided to introduce the kittens to the heartbroken dog. And then he saw the motherhood triumph! The new mother poured all her love, tenderness, and care on her adopted kittens. Woe to the one who gets close to her fluffy tails! Now the kittens have the best and most caring mother who feeds, protects, and teaches the little adorable things.

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Motherhood is the main happiness in the world. It doesn't matter whose children you bring up, your own or adopted ones. Indeed "Mom" is the most important word on our planet.


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