What is commonly done with the ruins of old buildings? Depending on their historical or architectural value, they are either preserved and turned into a tourist attraction or pulled down. But a group of architects and designers from Scotland decided to do something different.

A gorgeous place in Scotland. Source: zen

The authors of the project "fitted" a modern house into the ruins of an old 18-century farmhouse. This resulted in a stylish building with historic "inlays", that is creative, unusual, and beautiful. Moreover, it is also comfortable inside.

The ruins have been turned into a modern and comfortable home. Source: zen

About 300 years ago there was a solid farmhouse in Dumfries, not far from the mouth of the river Nith. By the beginning of the XXI century only fragments of the house remained. That's what drew the architects' attention. The project is called Ruin Studio by Lily Jencks Studio, Nathanael Dorent Architecture, and Nous Engineering.

The house is under construction. Source: zen

The outlines of the original stone walls were used to design the new building. And the holes in the ruins determined the location of future windows.

Source: zen

The house has undergone a dramatic transformation resulting in a chic exclusive 1,940-square-foot home with a synthetic rubber facade. Inside the stonework transforms into a 'winding' interior. The inner walls of the building are made of recycled polystyrene blocks covered with reinforced plastic.

This is how the interior was created. Source: zen

Interestingly, there are no doors between the rooms. The living room, bedroom, study, and kitchen are connected to form a winding open space. Eight large lamps provide the house with natural light. The design is solar-powered, which means it's sustainable and extremely efficient. The interior space is heated by two large furnaces. This house is away from utilities and thanks to the designers' idea it is off-grid.

An unusual angle. Source: zen

The windows overlooking the north offer a magnificent view of the local countryside. You can even see cattle grazing.

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The house inside. Source: zen

Large number of windows and the bright, light colors of the interior allow to do without artificial light until the sunset, not only in summer, but also on rainy winter days.

Source: zen

The architects believe that such a house allows the owners to enjoy living in history, because the house has survived several eras.

Source: zen

Source: zen

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