The Kutscher family moved from Bridgeport, West Virginia, to Morgantown. After the relocation, the family realized that their beloved cat was missing. Their 9-year-old son was sleeping with the cat's toy and kept hoping that its owner, the red cat Oliver, would come home.

Source: Halie Kutscher

Oliver the cat had been missing for several weeks.

After a thorough search, when everything was prepared for moving to another city, the owners did not find the animal and decided to leave without him.

Source: Halie Kutscher

They hoped that when they went back to the old house they would be able to find the cat. But each time the family returned, the cat wasn't found. This made their son heartbroken. The boy was longing for his pet and cried relentlessly each time the family returned without his pet.

Source: Halie Kutscher

After the family visited their old house for the last time, the parents prepared to tell the boy that the cat might never come back.

Source: Halie Kutscher

Sometime later, however, the family saw their pet in the backyard of their new house. He had walked almost 40 miles to find his family.

Source: Halie Kutscher

He didn't look tired or sick after the long journey, but just happy to be back home.

Source: thedodo

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