Bella, a wolf cub, was born in a shelter, but her mother immediately rejected her babies. Therefore, the tiny cub ended up in the kind hands of a girl named Olivia, who replaced not only her mother but also her pack.

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It is still unknown why the mother wolf gave up her litter. The shelter staff couldn't let the cubs die, and as soon as Bella started drinking milk on her own the cub was adopted by Olivia. The girl was well aware that raising a wolf is not like raising a big dog. She was ready to face lots of problems.

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As the foster mother says, "Bella is really smart, but very stubborn. Day by day I'm introducing her to dogs, people, and children. We walk to different places so she could learn different smells, hear new sounds. Wolves are usually afraid of anything new. Getting used to a life in the city is a very long and difficult process. But it's necessary so that Bella could live with me in an urban environment and feel comfortable."

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Fortunately, Bella proved to have a calm character and stable psyche. She quickly adapted to life in an urban environment and is no longer afraid of people, animals, or vehicles.

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The adorable cub is friendly to children, but if she notices that they are afraid of her, she immediately leaves. Therefore, Olivia is not worried about the wolf becoming a source of danger to the city's little inhabitants. Moreover, she is a mom of a 7-year-old son who gets along well with the animal.

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Despite Bella's calm nature, the girl walks the animal only on a leash and in a steel muzzle. However, it is during their out-of-town walks that the girl can give her wolf freedom and let her run and play to her heart's content.

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People often approach Olivia on the street and ask her to take selfies with the animal. Many people wonder how it is possible to live in a city apartment with a large wild predator.

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But not all people are fans of Bella's keeping an exotic pet at home. Olivia says that most often she encounters such people on social networks, where they leave unpleasant comments under the photos of her pet.

"Most often people react quite favourably, because Bella is very friendly and does not scare people. But on the Internet some people write that I run risks because I keep a predator as a pet."

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