This faithful dog from Turkey has won hearts of millions of Internet users. When his mistress was taken by ambulance to the hospital, he rushed after the van to accompany her to the hospital. What an amazing loyalty!

Source: YouTube screenshot

A local woman from the island of Buyukada, Turkey, felt ill and was taken urgently to the hospital by ambulance. However, there was someone beside the woman who was very worried about her health. It was her beloved dog.

Source: YouTube screenshot

As TRT Haber news agency reports, the furry pet restlessly tried to jump into the ambulance when he saw his mistress inside, and when the car pulled away, the dog rushed after it.

Source: YouTube screenshot

He ran all the way to the hospital, where he was met by his mistress' relative.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Inside the hospital, doctors were taking care of the faithful dog, that was waiting for his mistress and staring anxiously at the door.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Further details are still unknown, but it is clear that this amazing loyalty and devotion touched everyone's heart.

Source: thedodo

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