In 1998, the corpse of Ted Binion, the owner of one of the most popular Las Vegas gambling venues, Horseshoe Casino, was found in his home. The tycoon was lying on the couch in front of the television in a peaceful pose, with empty packages of sedatives lying beside him.

Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. Source: bigpicture

It was his girlfriend Sandy Murphy who called the police. The woman sobbed nonstop, wailing, "He's not breathing!" Sandy couldn't explain anything intelligible, only repeated that Ted committed suicide.

Sandy and Ted. Source: bigpicture

However, the examination of the body immediately cast doubt on her version. Binion had been dead for hours before the police arrived. Moreover, his body had been moved and turned over. An autopsy revealed a lethal cocktail of morphine, heroin, codeine, and sedatives in Ted's stomach. The deceased's girlfriend said under interrogation that Binion had long been contemplating suicide. The suicidal thoughts, she said, were related to the loss of business that had happened shortly before his death.

The casinos brought in a very good income to the Binions for more than 50 years. Source: bigpicture

The millionaire's sister, who had purchased his business share, was convinced that Sandy was to blame for Ted's death. Binion complained incessantly about his quarrels with his girlfriend during the last weeks of his life.

Binion's Horseshoe. Source: bigpicture

Ted never trusted banks, so he always kept his money and valuables in the safes of his own casino. When a court order forbade him to approach Horseshoe, he took all of his treasures to his Pahrump ranch and hid them in an underground vault that had been built by his friend, Rick Tabish.

The Binion Ranch is located in Pahrump, Nye County, Nevada. Source: bigpicture

By the way, the only two people who knew the combination to the vault were Binion and Tabish.

Rick Tabish. Source: bigpicture

On July 4, 1998, Binion's treasure was loaded into a 12-foot-deep vault. It features several tons of silver bars, cash, a huge number of gambling chips, and a collection of 100K rare coins, the value of which, according to various estimates, could be from $7 million to $14 million.

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A couple of months later, on September 17, 1998, Ted died in his home under very suspicious circumstances. Private detectives hired by the  millionaire's sister, discovered that Sandy and Tabish had had an affair.

Just two days after the millionaire's death, Rick Tabish and Dave Mattsen, the Binion's property manager, were found in a van full of bills and bullions at the late gambling magnate's ranch.

In July 1999, Sandy Murphy and Rick Tabish were charged with murder, conspiracy, robbery, and burglary.

Sandy Murphy. Source: bigpicture

However, the truck Rick Tabish had hired did not contain all the money and silver from the vault. The fate of the collection of coins, bars of silver, and cash worth several million dollars, remains unknown. Did Tabish manage to take them out beforehand? Did steward Dave Mattsen stash the treasure away somewhere safe? Or maybe the rest of the treasure did not exist at the time of the millionaire's death, since Binion was capable of squandering a huge sum in a very short time. Yet no one knows the fate of the treasure.

Source: bigpicture

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