Do you remember the story of Noah's Ark, which tells of how God told Noah to build a big boat and put two animals of the same species, a male and a female, on it to save them from the impending flood?

Adri Rachelle from Georgia took this idea literally, and decided to make a home for every species on earth. Of course, she doesn't have two animals of every species on her farm, but she's pretty close to it. And it's not just cats and dogs. Her farm features guinea pigs, pythons, and parrots, as well as geckos, goats, and even alpacas.

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The 31-year-old animal lover from Atlanta fell in love with them as a child, when her father worked with endangered species. Her mom was always taking in stray animals like chicks, kittens, and dogs. Growing up, Adri literally filled her home with animals. After buying her farm a few years ago, she began adopting abandoned animals. Now the woman has 90 pets, and all but five have been rescued.

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In case you're wondering how she differentiates them, Adri is also a huge 'Lord of the Rings' fan and has borrowed more than 70 names from J.R.R. Tolkien's epic books for her animals.

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But where has Adri been able to settle all these creatures? To begin with, she has a 1076-square-foot guest house. Unfortunately, she found that "the birds liked to chew on everything", so the woman had to remove the moldings, baseboards, and carpets. The renovation cost her $10,000.

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Moreover, Adri has a special 10-foot-wide bed in the main farmhouse specifically designed for dogs, cats, piglets, and rats.

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So how does the woman cope with feeding and cleaning after such a large herd? Adri makes sure each animal gets all the nutrients it needs. She buys hay for the horses, mice for the python, crickets and worms for all the reptiles.

Source: dailymail

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However, not everyone can afford such love for animals. Feeding the animals and cleaning their cages takes at least an hour every day. It's a titanic work, but it is nothing in comparison to the cost of the food. Adri spends about $6,000 a year on food not including yearly $10,000 veterinary bills.

None of this bothers Adri. She believes in her mission to provide a home for unwanted animals and strives to make her farm an official sanctuary.


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