The German shepherd is a a German breed that was created to serve humans. These dogs often work in agencies and rescue services. Each dog has its own profile: some detain criminals, some work at customs, and there are those who rescue people. Perseus the Alsatian is a professional rescue dog.

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Last week Perseus proved once again that he was a working dog, since he had found a lost boy.

One day a grandmother decided to visit the family cemetery and took her grandson with her. While the elderly woman was by her mother's grave, the boy went away. The grandmother hadn't kept track of her grandson, so several minutes later the boy was nowhere to be found.

The elderly woman called the police. Rescuers immediately came with Perseus, their working dog. The Alsatian was given a command, and five minutes later Perseus managed to pick up the trail. He smelled a missing child near the bench where the boy was sitting.

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After a while Perseus found the poor child, who had fallen into the swamp. The boy was frightened and did not know how to behave in such a situation. So he made no attempt to get out. The child was pulled out and sent for medical examination. Fortunately, the poor child was not injured.

Perseus got treats for his excellent work. The boy promised his grandmother not to run away from her any more. Hopefully, he will keep his promise.


Source: nubenews

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