Mary was eight months pregnant when she was caught unprepared by a blizzard while driving home. Her car went off the road and was completellz trapped by the snow. Desperate for help, she decided to walk to town, struggling to cover about half a mile, when she went into labour.

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When she recovered from her fainting, she almost fainted again from fear alone. Her head was on the back of a huge wolf, and several of its congeners surrounded her with a dense wall and no protection from the snow. In less than half an hour the labor was over. One of the female wolves had bitten the umbilical cord, and helped clean the blood from it, licking it along with the others.

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In Mary's memory, it was as if the wolves took her in their pack and protected her, licking the snow and tears from her face. Mary Cranick's acquaintances discovered the abandoned car and reported her missing. When they saw the pack of wolves, they decided the worst had happened and opened fire on them.

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However, the wolves did not attack them, but only watched attentively from a distance as Mary and her son were loaded into the car. Had it not been for the witnesses who found Mary surrounded by wolves, no one would have believed the story. The rescued girl herself wants to return to this forest one day and find "her pack," as she believes they will remember her and welcome her back as their own.


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