This family was returning home from a walk with their 11-year-old Pit Bull. The dog suddenly broke loose from its leash and sat near the front door, not letting the owners into the house. It turns out that the Pit Bull sensed danger.

It was an ordinary family walk with the dog. On their way home, Sadie the Pit Bull behaved as usual, walking calmly beside his owners on a leash.

Source: nubenews

However, when the owners entered their yard, the dog suddenly broke loose from his leash and rushed to the front door. The owners were surprised, because Sadie usually did not behave in such a way, but decided not to pay attention to this.

They were astonished when the dog, sitting on the doorstep, growled menacingly, turning his loud bark into a howl. The owners repeatedly tried to make the dog let them in, but in vain. The dog lay down on the doorstep whimpering pitifully.

After a while, the owners realized that there was a strange smell in the yard. Even outside they could smell gas. They called 911 at once. When the rescuers arrived, Sadie immediately rushed to them and literally dragged them toward the basement.

Source: nubenews

The rescuers were surprised when they could smell gas leaking from a tiny basement window. The professionals managed to avert the danger, which could have led to gas explosion.

Sadie the hero Pit Bull turned out to be an intelligent and sensitive dog, ready to defend his beloved owners.

Source: nubenews

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