An eccentric Swede Curt Degerman spent his life collecting tin cans and bottles for money. Every week the man would go to the bank wearing the same shabby clothes. Despite his appearance the can collector turned out to be a smart investor who amassed one-million fortune.

As a child, Degerman was the top student in his class with tremendous potential. His teachers expected him to make a successful career. Furthermore, several universities even offered the clever boy admission without exams.

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Unfortunately, Curt didn't succeed in his life. Due to a personal crisis, he dropped out of school and eventually became a real hobo.

Degerman spent the next 40 years of his life roaming the streets of the small town of Skelleftea, in northern Sweden, earning his living by collecting tin cans. The only thing that distinguished him from other bums was his habit of going to his bank once a week. In Sweden managers are not allowed to see their clients' accounts, so nobody cared about the modest savings of a poor can collector.

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No one ever suspected that Curt invested his tin-can earnings in stocks and shares. He turned out to be a shrewd stock gambler. He spent a lot of time following the stock market news through newspapers in his local library. The man knew exactly when to buy and when to sell shares and was good at analytics.

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Unfortunately, Degerman did not manage to spent his money, since he died of heart attack at the age of 60. His huge fortune was revealed when his relatives found that he had left behind shares in a Swedish bank. It turned out that the hobo who had spent most of his time wandering the streets in search of tin cans and left-over food had in his bank account $1 million in stocks, another $400K in cash, and 124 gold bars in his bank cell.

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Nobody knows why the man lived the life of a hobo with all those savings in his bank account. Degerman could have easily bought himself a house and a car and get married, but instead he continued collecting tin cans for cash.

Finally, Degerman's fortune was inherited by his relatives, none of whom cared about him.

Source: trendymen

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