In 2017 a smart woman from Britain has made up an unusual way to buy the house she liked. Sally Deakin, a 35-year-old social worker from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, managed to buy the property by sending a handwritten letter to the owners asking them to sell it. 

Source: Sally Deakin

Although the woman was living in a new building at that time, she spotted the traditional mid-terrace house that caught her imagination.

'It wasn’t for sale when I saw it so I posted a letter through the door explaining I would be interested in buying it if ever they came to sell," the woman says.

It came to her as surprise that the owners became interested in her offer. She didn't officially send the letter, but simply slipped a piece of paper under the owners' door. Six months later, the owners agreed to sell the house for $237,000.

What the renovated house looks like

The beautiful living-room. Source: Sally Deakin

The woman who is also a talented designer slowly renovated the house, making every room interesting, stylish, and unique.

Sally posted the photos of her interior work progress on her Instagram. Source: Sally Deakin

Sally admits that the renovation was done on a tight budget and cost her only $16,000.

The old kitchen furniture was repainted. Source: Sally Deakin

The fireplace in the second living-room. Source: Sally Deakin

The biggest splurge was on a stunning pink and grey bathroom.

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Sally bought the pink and grey wallpaper for only £13.50 a roll. Source: Sally Deakin

Sally's dog also likes the renovated bathroom. Source: Sally Deakin

All in all, the total value of the property is now estimated at $276,000.

Sally's renovated bedroom. Source: Sally Deakin

Having her  own dressing room was Sally's lifelong dream. Source: Sally Deakin

Now the woman intends to get down to the back garden, for which she has also plenty of ideas.

Stylish stairway. Source: Sally Deakin

Source: dailymail

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