Kaylie DeShane, 33, from New York City currently holds the world record for the longest interval between the birth of triplets after beating the previous record of two days.

Before her pregnancy Kaylie was already a mom of Holden, 7, an adopted son,  and Naveah, 12, a step-daughter. Source: Caters

After four years of infertility Kaylie DeShane and her husband Brandon decided to try IVF. To increase their chances of pregnancy the woman was placed with two embryos.

"We were told that there was a 10 per cent chance of it ending up being twins and a one per cent chance of it being a triplet pregnancy," the woman recalls. The woman did not expect to end up with triplets, but a miracle happened.

Kaylie's ultrasound scan. Source: Caters

However, the doctors were not so enthusiastic about her triplet pregnancy, so they offered to terminate the two identical babies of the triplets to give one baby a better chance of surviving. Kaylie refused and decided to continue her pregnancy.

Unfortunately, at 16 weeks the woman discovered that her cervix failed. "To prevent a premature birth, they sent me to surgery," Kaylie says. Luckily everything went well and the future mother was sent to rest in bed.

Cian was born on December 28, 2020. Source: Caters

At 22 weeks and 5 days, she had a follow-up ultrasound scan and was told everything was all right. The same evening, however, her waters broke. Frightened, she wasn't sure if her babies born prematurely would survive. The next morning, on December 28, 2019, her first son Cian was born. The tiny baby, weighing less than 1lbs, was immediately sent to the NICU.

The happy mother of triplets. Source: Caters

"I kept asking where the other two babies are and the doctors said we don’t want them to come out if we can help it. Nothing was happening and the doctors explained to me that they wanted to hold off delivering the next two babies for as long as possible because it was so earlier in the pregnancy," Kaylie recalls.

Raising premature triplets is not an easy task. Source: Caters

On January 2, 2020, Cian's brother Declan (700g) and sister Rowan (500g) were born. They were also provided with oxygen tubes after birth and were taken to the NICU.

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Now Kaylie is a happy mom-of-five. Source: Caters

In total, the children spent four months in the hospital.

The triplets are growing well. Source: Caters

Now the triplets are breathing and growing well and almost keeping up with their peers. "The children are now 17 months old, they're healthy, and they're even about to start walking. I'm so proud of them!" Kaylie shares marvelous news.

Source: metro.co.uk

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