A farmer met a man on a train who sold him a certain 'priceless seedling' for next to nothing. The man took everything as a joke, but still decided to plant it on his land. To his surprise, a few months later the plant turned out to be the most expensive mango in the world and now the farmer refuses to sell its fruit.

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Sankalp Singh Parihar's story is reminiscent of the fairy tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk' about magic beans. On buying a seedling for a few dollars, the last thing the farmer expected to see was some really rare plant.

He planted the seedling as an ordinary tree, but two months later a mango of some beautiful, unusually red color grew. "Only later it was explained to me what kind of mango I had," the farmer says.

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Parihar learned from a Mumbai businessman that his mango was the rarest Japanese Taiyo No Tamago mango, known as the 'Egg of the Sun'. It is the most expensive mango in the world. Two years ago just two of these fruits were sold for $ 5,000.

On his farm Parihar has already grown 52 mango fruit. The man refuses to sell them and has no plans to make money from them. He plans to use the entire crop to grow new seedlings and make the unique mango more accessible to all farmers in the region.

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His intentions are not appreciated by everyone. Twelve mangoes have already been taken from the farm overnight and the area is now guarded by dogs.

Source: trendymen

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